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Since 2009 we have helped organizations and individuals achieve and develop their full potential. Gain valuable insights and strengthen your skills with our tailormade programs.

We’re based in Copenhagen, Stockholm, Göteborg, Roskilde & Aarhus.

How we work

Our programs are designed

to make real impact.

Working within niche areas, we know how hard it can be to get a foothold. That’s why our talent programs are designed to make a real impact, developing strong skill sets and unique insights into secretive and network-based businesses.

Through our excessive network of partners in these industries, we continuously have access to the latest knowledge and to the decision makers. Our teachers are industry people working daily in their field of expertise, passing their knowledge forward to our course participants.

Several thousands have already participated in our programs and we’re proud, that we’ve been able to help them to achieve a future within their field of study.

Don’t just take our word for it.

Our programs




Innovative Artist Academy

Talent development targeted artists, musicians, songwriters and producers.

Innovative Advertising Academy

This program focuses on communication and advertising in all levels. From media strategy to communication and branding.

Innovative Event Management

This course is about planning and executing an event to perfection. We’re taking you from a to b in this intensive event manager program.

Innovative Fashion Management

Discover the various aspects of the fashion industry and get unique insight into the world of fashion.

Innovative Music Management

This course focuses on all the different aspects of the music industry and how to navigate in it.

Innovative Sport Management

The course is for anyone who dream of a career in the sports industry.

Event Management Masterclass

Our masterclass for former participants at Innovative Event Management.

Fashion Management Masterclass

Our masterclass for former participants at Innovative Fashion Management.

Music Business Masterclass

Our masterclass for former participants at Innovative Music Management.

Sport Management Masterclass

Our masterclass for former participants at Innovative Sport Management.


Tailormade solutions

for organizations.

We develop tailormade solutions for organizations focussed on making a real impact, that creates an everlasting and valuable change. Developing the competencies and skills within the organization.

Get in touch and get more information about our tailormade solutions, please send us an email at customer@b-group.dk

About us

Focussed on talent

development from day one.

Since 2009 we have helped thousands individuals and companies developing their individual and organizational skill sets. Our visionary approach to teaching and talent development has made us a frontrunner in businesses such as music, sport, event and fashion.

We’re a nordic based company active in both Denmark and Sweden with more than 60 courses held each year and +30 employees. The company was founded by entrepreneur Simon M Sørensen who have a background in the music industry, and found that a lot of talent was wasted as a consequence of missing competencies and network.

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Denmark: +45 71 74 74 19

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