Innovative Artist Academy

“The course has given me more knowledge and provided me with tools that makes me dare to go all the way.”

You bring the musical talent, we provide the course that leaves you with competencies in managing your own musical career. Get in touch with experienced managers and well-established names from the music business. Find out what kind of artist you want to be – and get comfortable with the steps you need to take in order to get there.

Innovative Event Management

Ever dreamt of creating big events?

Kickstart or expand your career in creative event management with our broad introduction to various assets of the industry. Learn about the major factors of the culture, as we take you all the way around with our case-based courses. You will have the opportunity to meet some of our major collaborators and expand your network.

Innovative Fashion Management

Learn about the variables of the fashion business

Face the comprehensive industry in an accessible manner, and acknowledge the important factors behind the success of well established brands. Be properly introduced to fashion management and become a strong player in the fast moving field of hypes, trends, campaigns and much more.

Innovative Music Management

“a priceless opportunity in a business like the music business.”

Face the many important factors of the music industry on a comprehensible level – we will guide you towards managing the unmanageable music business. Meet some of our major partners and become the one in charge of your own career. Take the first steps on the ladder, if you want to become an A&R , Music Manager, PR Agent, music promoter, festival manager, music journalist… you name it!

Innovative Sport Management

“exciting education with good initiatives, relevant stories, and cases from the teachers”.

A possibility to gain an insight into the industry behind some of the major sports agencies, and learning all there is to know about marketing, economics, innovative leadership, and much more. Our intensive sports program presents a variety of opportunities within innovative sport management and let you work with specific cases alongside some of the professionals in the business.