Ready for a playful
and creative environment?

It’s an ambitious company with lots of different projects going on all the time.
That’s one of the things I love about it; standing still is simply not in its DNA.”

– Tanja Brinks Toubro, Former Editor in Chief at Bands of Tomorrow


“I started as a volunteer, then worked as an intern, later I was hired to a part-time position and finally ended up signing a full-time contract. B Group has fulfilled my high ambitions and desire to establish an exciting career in a creative and playful workspace.”

– Marina Jensen, Project Manager

“Being an intern at B Group has been really inspiring and challenging. You get to work in a very creative and innovative environment with people who are passionate about their work”

– Sofie Odgaard, Editorial


If we’re not searching for anyone right now,
please don’t hesitate to come back again some other time.